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It is recommended that you learn the loan details from the loan calculation tools and on the official websites of the banks before applying for a zero and second hand vehicle loan. Many bank customers to meet the needs of the car carrying the appropriate services in the country offers new and used vehicle loans support. Since most of these loans are offered with flexible payment options, citizens should also determine their loan amounts according to this criterion. During the second hand car loan calculation;

  • Vehicle age
  • Loan amount and
  • Interest rates

It should be included in the calculation. Especially the upper limit of vehicle age determined by banks for second-hand vehicles is very important in order to withdraw suitable loans.

Used Car Loan Terms

Used Car Loan Terms

Banks offer different conditions for those who want to get a second hand car loan. Although these conditions generally have the same features in all banks, they exist in some special conditions. For example; While Akbank offers different special conditions for car loan calculations, the special conditions of another bank may vary. Among the people who will request second hand car loan;

  • Over 18 years old
  • Has income statement
  • With credit special conditions

The conditions of being are the general conditions sought for second hand car loans. The most important issue in which second-hand loans vary among banks; The amount of credit used is the age of the second hand vehicle and a certain percentage of the vehicle value.

How to Get Used Car Loans?

How to Get Used Car Loans?

In order to obtain second hand and zero km vehicle loans, you have to apply the vehicle loan application methods of the banks. Documents required for car loan calculation and application procedures;

  • Application form
  • Identity card (identity card, driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Income status document
  • Other documents requested by the branch

for used cars and new vehicles are among the documents that may be requested. The majority of banks in the country serving similar documents are required for new and second-hand vehicles.

Used Car Loan Calculator

Used Car Loan Calculator

The first transaction applied for the calculation of the second hand car loan is the vehicle age criterion determined by the bank. The age criterion and other conditions may differ in used cars. While car loan calculation is done;

  • In all passenger and light commercial vehicles,
  • Up to 8 years old
  • 48 months maturity
  • 1.85% interest rate

Second-hand car loan support is offered with options. Up to 120 thousand USD, 30% down payment is applied for zero and second hand vehicles.

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